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Does Your Shop Need a Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor?

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Choosing the right commercial air compressor for your mechanic or automotive shop can play a large role in the efficiency of your business. Many types of air compressors exist, but you may find that a rotary screw compressor is the best choice for your business. Here is why and when you should consider a rotary compressor for your shop.

What Makes a Commercial Rotary Screw Compressor Different?

A rotary screw compressor makes use of two interlocking rotors. The rotors continuously turn and move air between them. Through this process, the compressor can theoretically operate in perpetuity.

How Do Air Compressors Work?

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If you use an air compressor regularly, you know how effective they are and how much they help you perform your work well. However, do you know how these devices work?

Even if you’re familiar with using an air compressor, you may not know how these machines operate. Learn what’s going on in an air compressor as it helps you complete your next project.

The Basics

Though you can find many types of air compressors, they all have the same function: to cram a lot of air into a tank, which means that the air is under high amounts of pressure. Then, when the operator of the air compressor uses the device, the pressure in the tank causes air to shoot out at high speeds.

Air Compressors and Air Tools for Crafts Professionals

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Many of today’s artists and crafts professionals use air compressors and pneumatic tools to create their artwork. Air compressors are available in many sizes and shapes and are the power sources for pneumatic tools, also known as air tools. Pneumatic tools are light in weight, are easy to hold and move, do not spark, and do not cause electrical shocks like traditional electric or battery-powered tools.

Pneumatic tools have fewer moving parts, simpler designs, and are faster and more accurate than electric tools. Despite this, pneumatic tools achieve the same high-quality results. Even with the purchase of an air compressor, air tools are more economical to purchase and maintain than electric tools.

Understanding Air Compressor Terminology

Air compressors represent a ubiquitous part of the industrial and building industries. As an independent contractor, an air compressor is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can invest in, as it will serve to power a multitude of common tools. Yet that doesn’t mean that just any old air compressor will deliver the results you want.

Contemporary air compressors come with a wide range of features and capabilities. Unfortunately, many people struggle to identify the best air compressor for their needs simply because they haven’t caught up with all of the new terminology. If you would like to increase your knowledge of air compressors on the market today, read on. This article will discuss two frequently encountered terms.

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